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Why clients use SolutionDevelopers.com...

The "Total Quality Management" approach enables us to provide our clients with solid, working solutions. We stand behind our work, and the expert status of our consultants ensures cutting edge solutions with flawless implementation.

Our Clients

SolutionDevelopers.com has been providing solutions since 1998.  Some of our clients include:

DURO Communications  - SD consultants performed extensive data conversion/migration work, created custom software solutions for credit card and bank draft processing, and provided SQL Server DBA support.
CareerShop.com  - VB project to automate acquisition of live web contect.
Federal Aviation Administration  - development of resource scheduling software solution. The Integrated Solution Database (ISD) software developed schedules and tracks facility usage, equipment, and human resources for the FAA Center for Management Development.
Southwest Tropicals  - solution to provide access to legacy data from companies primary client software interface.
OviedoAREA.com  - Local Business and Service Directory Web site.
American Lung Association  - Smoking cessation tracking system.
CertificationTraining.com  - Certification focused ecommerce web site using Amazon WebStore - in progress.

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